Why Collaborative Work Spaces Are a Good Idea

collaborative workspaces

Collaborative work spaces can bring the best out of your team. Studies have shown that collaborative work space environments can be time efficient and budget friendly. By enabling team members to work together on tasks, more ideation for everyday business obstacles can help save both time and money. Gone are the days when outdated cubicles were the norm. Today’s transparent open space floor plans help employees engage in spontaneous creativity in collaborative work spaces.


Collaborative Work Spaces: Why They Work

1. Encourage Happier Employees

Happy employees make good employees. Those who aren’t bored and who are engaging with their co-workers during the workday are more likely to be happy and to be more productive. Sitting at a computer screen all day without human interaction is an energy drain.

2. Encourage Productivity

Encouraging a collaborative team environment is a smart decision if you want to increase productivity at the office. Engaging office team members in a social and more collaborative environment enables employees to be more efficient and productive.

3. Create Friendly Competition

With the friendly competition that will come from a collaborative team environment, you will inadvertently encourage employees to compete for the best ideas. Friendly competition will bring out more thought-out business solutions.

4. Promote Creativity

Creativity is important in almost any industry; even in sales and marketing. By allowing employees to work together, you can encourage them to bounce their ideas off one another and come up with the most creative solutions for solving business obstacles.

5. Increases Skill Sets

By working together instead of in cubical “silos” employees can teach one another different skill sets and help create a more robust set of proficiencies thought-out the entire team.

6. Encourage Attendance

Those who know that their co-workers are counting on them will be less likely to miss work. Knowing that your teammate is counting on you to finish a task or bring ideas to the collaborative work space table, means that you will make every effort to be there.

7. Develop Trust

It is important for your employees to be able to trust one another. Luckily, when employees work together in a collaborative team environment, they are more likely to develop trust among one another, thus deepening affiliation.

8. Develop Momentum

When employees are able to work with one another on their projects, they can develop a strong momentum that can allow them to get projects done more efficiently. Deliverables met at faster speeds means happier Clients and bigger ROI.

9. Encourage Communication

For your employees to be able to work well with one another, they have to be able to communicate effectively. Luckily, when in a collaborative team environment, your employees will naturally learn how to communicate well with one another.

10. Enjoy Innovation

Collaborative team environments are the way of the future. The stodgy, cubical-laden prototypical office of mid-century simply looks outdated today. An innovative collaborative work space will spark creativity and innovation from its employees.


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