‘Virtually’ Prepared for the Next NYC Disaster via Cost-Effective Midtown NY Virtual Offices

‘Virtually’ Prepared for the Next NYC Disaster via Cost-Effective Midtown NY Virtual Offices

Posted on May 3, 2013 by Jonathan Thistlewood

Apr. 19, 2013 – NEW YORK — New York, April 19, 2013: NYC Office Suites, New York’s leading provider of flexible Midtown temporary office space, provides customers with inexpensive and reliable virtual offices in proven-resilient Midtown New York City. When Hurricane Sandy decimated Downtown New York, and many commercial office landlords in that area provided little or no relief to their tenants, clients who had a virtual office in NYC with NYC Office Suites (http://virtualoffices.nycofficesuites.com/) received preferential pricing for suddenly scarce fully operational turnkey Midtown offices.

NYC Office Suites has Manhattan businesses covered in the event of another flood-related emergency with its reliable Midtown office space locations.
Mr. Dan Entwistle, President of NYC Office Suites, said: “A virtual office agreement in safer locations in NYC, like ours in Grand Central and the Plaza District, provides enhanced access to emergency backup plug-and-play offices at a low monthly cost. Any business that feels it may be in a vulnerable area will consider signing a virtual agreement with us for as little as $1.50 per day in order to have a basic disaster recovery plan.”
NYC Office Suites offices are located in reliable class A location Midtown buildings near Grand Central and are equipped with professional security, backup Internet, managed phone services and trained service personnel.

NYC Office Suites offers virtual office packages to suit any business size or budget. Businesses interested in the disaster recovery aspects of the service may sign up for even the most basic virtual office plans, such as those with only a mailing address, or perhaps throw in meeting room hours or day office subscriptions for Midtown off-site meetings.

NYC Office Suites also provides term-flexible full-time office space for rent (http://www.nycofficesuites.com/locations/commerce/index.html), so its facilities already feature furniture, advanced telephone handsets, business-class high speed Internet with wireless access, fully managed firewall infrastructure, printing, scanning, package handling, lockable private offices, cleaning, pantries and many other critical business amenities.

Mr. Entwistle concludes: “Signing Midtown virtual or term-flexible office contracts is the responsible thing to do if a business otherwise chooses to office in NYC’s more flood-prone, vulnerable areas (Downtown through Midtown South). For sure, many of our Hurricane Sandy clients have a new appreciation for Midtown and flexible leasing in general.”

NYC Office Suites Opens Bright New Office Business Center at 733 3rd Ave.

Posted on May 3, 2013 by Jonathan Thistlewood

Apr. 27, 2013 – NEW YORK — New York, : NYC Office Suites announces the March 1 launch of a new office rental and meeting room location, the fourth in Midtown New York City. The Class A office tower is located in Midtown Manhattan’s Grand Central District at 733 3rd Ave. NYC Office Suites offers short-term, equipped and furnished prebuilt office space, meeting rooms and virtual offices on two renovated, sunny high floors. In opening this new location NYC Office Suites (http://www.nycofficesuites.com/offices/index.html) renews its commitment to providing customers with high-quality office space solutions in high-class convenient buildings.
“Our new office business center at 733 3rd Ave. offers more than just convenience,” said Dan Entwistle, President of NYC Office Suites. “You have a well thought out renovated space on sunny high floors in an exclusive,high-service Class A building.”

“The Grand Central location is also important”, continues Avital Shimshowitz, VP of Sales & Marketing. “This flexible office cluster in Grand Central, and indeed the sharpened operational focus on Midtown Manhattan, allows us to share human resources efficiently and serve the customer better and at a local level! We strive to provide quality on-site managerial and administrative support.”
“Let’s not forget the diversity of office space,” continued James Williams, Director of Corporate Development. “This space is characterized by an unusually high proportion of windowed offices, and we designed and constructed secure workspaces for a variety of price points, from our innovative sliding door efficiencies all the way up to ten-workstation large corner office team rooms. We even have specially designed closets and filing cabinets for those with on-demand, virtual or full-time offices plus storage needs.”

Technologically, NYC Office Suites’ office business center also reflects the current best practices. The leading edge phone system features Cisco’s most advanced and feature-rich color VOIP handsets. The Internet is reliable, enterprise-grade, fast and wireless-enabled. Conference rooms are equipped with 51-inch flatscreen TVs for business presentations and videoconferencing. Scanning, color printing and faxing are accomplished via the latest Canon commercial-grade equipment.

“We look forward to welcoming clients into our new office business center. Regardless of industry, be it financial services, legal, technology, media or even freelance, we handle the occupancy and technology solution so that clients can manage and grow their business.”

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