Coworking Space and Shared Office Space in NYC

Coworking Space and Shared Office Space in NYC

Employees working in a coworking office space

Coworking Space vs. Shared Office Space in NYC

“Coworking space” and “shared office space” are, as they say in the Far East, the “same-same but different”. How similar they are is largely definitional, and most office space professionals define both terms differently. As perhaps most widely understood, the main similarity is that both are very cost effective and provide a great value versus traditional office leasing. However, there are many downsides to coworking spaces including lower levels of efficiency compared to shared virtual office spaces.

Office Sublease and Office Rentals in NYC

“Shared office space” is used by many companies to manage commercial real estate risks and to defray many expenses such as space build-out and dedicated staffing. Most high quality office business centers emphasize privacy and carefully mix public areas with a lot of secure 24×7 dedicated office space. There is a receptionist who answers calls. The Internet is secure and enterprise-grade. Clients host private meetings in dedicated meeting rooms. By renting office space your business also has access to a virtual business address. There is frequent interaction with other clients in the pantry and also at social events hosted by the suite operator, yet, fundamental business development can be protected and controlled if that is desired.

As it has developed “coworking space” has become basically a no-frills version of “shared office space”. The concept of shared office space is very old, so “coworking” is an industry re-branding effort. The attempt is to link workspace to social media trends. What does no-frills mean in this context? The space is not professionally furnished. There is no meaningful security. There is noise pollution. There is little privacy and rampant intellectual property theft. There is a lack of space because workstations are frequently oversold, and yet, the space is furnished with groups in mind (e.g. long picnic tables). The Internet is advertised as being rock-solid, although it usually suffers from massive underinvestment behind the curtain and is neither as fast nor reliable as claimed.

Deciding on an Office Space in NYC

Everyone has a low budget in this tight business environment. Often, however, small businesses seeking the flexible office option find that, as in so many things, you get what you pay for. For the serious professional, shared office space is a great value. Those small business customers on a “lean” budget can “share the shared office space” through virtual office space, and prove out the good value for themselves.

Where to Find Shared Office Space in NYC

At NYC Office Suites, we believe that having the right office configuration can ensure ultimate productivity and success. We’re committed to helping you succeed in the right office space for your business. We can set you up with temporary office space at the Plaza District, Commerce Building, Graybar Building, or Midtown East for as long as you need. We offer flexible contract terms, hassle-free management, and many different office configurations to create executive suites, private office space, team rooms, and much more. Contact us today to learn more about our office space in NYC solutions and more about the benefits of virtual office space over coworking office space!