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New York City Office Space

The perfect New York City office space is one that embodies your company’s culture, tone and spirit. Without committing to the arduous project of fully renovating your NYC office space there are a few things company owners and managers can do to spruce up their workspace. Here, NYC Office Suites shows you how to jazz up a New York City Office Space on the fly.

Sure, an empty commercial office room with a table and a couple of chairs can work as a corporate meeting room or conference space, but is that really the way your small company wants to promote itself? Yes, a sparsely furnished meeting space is perfectly functional but adding some decorative functional touches and using color to enhance the feel of the workspace can improve the outcomes of meetings with clients. So why not invest in touching up the environment with some mood enhancing color choices?

Pink can be associated with a relaxing tone. It embodies the feeling of one’s “home” and some even think that it can help with anxiety or aggressive behaviors if its hue is soft. Green tones can be considered invigorating if the hue is strong. Using a bold hunter green sporadically with a soft rose may help strike the ideal balance.
Blue has a calming effect and turquoise hues have been known to promote communication. Yellow is considered a memorable color. Its brightening effect can be used to create an uplifting space (like a vase full of sun flowers). Black is associated with strength, confidence, power and authority. Black with metallic tones offers a glamorous color scheme for any flexible office or temporary showroom space.Both red and orange are stimulating colors that increase heart rates and are associated with energy, ambition and vitality with technology and marketing consultants.
Are there a lot of combinations that work well? Yes. And they’ve been worked out for you already! Go to the Benjamin Moore website and you will get proven office wall paint color pairings.

You can paint the walls of a leased private temporary office space with permission from your business center management. However, there are plenty of other ways to bring doses of lively, bold or soothing color into an office space.

Decorative pieces that play off the colors of key pieces of commercial furniture, like the couch and chairs, can greatly enhance the feeling of a room. For example, a couch and chairs in a muted shade of jade green can be set off with throw pillows in bolder colors like lavender or purple, for a look that’s at once lively and soothing. Framed art prints, ceramic pieces, vases with colorful silk flowers, throw pillows and area rugs are all key decorative pieces that are easy to mix and match, inexpensive and add a personal touch to your rental office. Remember, though, that in NYC it not just the cost of the NYC furniture you buy, it’s what it costs to dispose of later. Working with color can be a fun and satisfying endeavor. So take the time to experiment before fully committing to a business room’s color scheme. It will pay off when the time comes to launch that beautiful new flexible office space.

Flexible New York City Office Space

Flexible New York City office space for your growing business is available in some of NYC’s most premier locations. Contact NYC Office Suites at 1 (800) 346-3968 to learn how our flexible leasing, virtual office packages, office subletting options, and fully equipped conference rooms give business owners the room they need to grow.

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