Creating a Happy Office Space for Employees

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Does your current office space make your employees happy when they come to work?

There are many different ways that you can make your staff feel good about their 9-5 work day that doesn’t necessarily involve getting a raise! One of these ways is to update your office design in a way that’s inviting, inspiring, and eco-friendly.

Whether you’re looking for new offices for lease Manhattan or to upgrade your existing space in the city, here are some tips for creating a happy office space that your employees will love.

Why a Happy Office Boosts Productivity

When employees feel appreciated and that their needs are being met, they are more likely to be satisfied with their jobs and happier in general. Salary, benefits, and vacation time aren’t the only things that drive employee loyalty and satisfaction. In fact, studies have shown that managerial transparency is the #1 factor in employee happiness and that feeling valued is more important than short-term perks.

Guide to Creating a Happy Office

Although every office culture is a bit different based upon the industry and personalities of your employees, these are some clever ways that you can create a happy office environment and give your business the boost it needs.

Move to an Optimal Location in the City

Sometimes it’s hard to feel inspired when you’re stuck in the same place for too long. Perhaps an office move to a more optimal location is just what your company and employees need to renew their passion. Consider moving to a more vibrant location that’s full of energy to spark creativity, or a more convenient location in relation to where you do business.

Have Enough Work Space for Everyone

No one likes to feel claustrophobic at work, so survey your office space to make sure everyone has adequate room to work. If you’re looking for offices for lease Manhattan, NYC Office Suites can set you up with customized, flexible workspace in the heart of Midtown. An open layout with interactive spaces, creative additions, and natural light can make employees much happier to come to work.

Update the Kitchens and Bathrooms

There’s much more to a happy office than just desks, chairs, and cubicles. A modern and well-appointed kitchen will encourage workers to bring their lunch to work and eat healthier. Clean, well-maintained, and stylish bathrooms can also make employees feel good about where they work.

Incorporate Plants and Green Space

An easy and very affordable way to boost the mood in your office is to add plants and flowers around the office. Plants have calming and relaxing properties that can really come in handy on stressful work days. If you are looking to move to a new office, choose a space with easy access to outdoor green space so employees can step away from their desks for some fresh air.

Ask Employees for Input

But honestly, the best way to know what will make your employees happier at work is to simply ask them! Survey your employees on a formal or informal basis regularly to understand which happiness strategies are working and which are not. Communication is essential to any business’ success, and simply asking for feedback can have a huge impact on your work environment and company productivity.

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