Reliable and Secure Flexible Space for Corporations

Are you an enterprise with a large temporary project, or in need of swing space, or in need of an offsite private space? We can save you over 30% on your all-in occupancy costs, while providing more flexibility than ever before.

We’ve taken the pain out of leasing. Get started immediately with ease.

More Secure & Reliable than a Coworking Space

We provide a more private, more secure, and more reliable solution than your traditional coworking space, so you can save money, while reducing the risks. Our management team comes from a professional services background and recognizes a need for confidentiality and safety which is not being addressed by other, more casual, flexible space providers. We care for your global, or local, business and what makes it successful.

Need a worldwide presence? We’ve got that covered too. We are part of a global network of over 700 independent flexible-term office providers and will personally co-ordinate your needs.

Clients of NYC Office Suites

For more information please send a message or call 1-800-346-3968.