How to Manage Stress in a Constantly Changing Work Environment

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Regardless of what industry you’re in or what type of job you have, stress is unfortunately very common in the workplace. This is true whether you have office space Manhattan, work from home, or arrange for temporary work space when you travel.

However, managing stress can become even more difficult if you don’t have consistency in your day-to-day routine. Individuals who use different workspaces or spend a lot of time traveling for work may find themselves more stressed out on a regular basis.

Here are some stress-busting strategies for finding peace in spite of a changing work environment. It is especially important to reduce your stress levels while traveling in the hot summer months to prevent serious health risks.

Carry Your Own Source Wi-Fi

There’s nothing more frustrating than arriving to a new place to work and not being able to connect to the internet. Many conference areas, hotels, and co-working spaces provide complimentary or paid Wi-Fi. But that doesn’t necessarily mean that it will work well or be fast enough for what you’re working on. To avoid the stress of not being connected when you need to be, bring along a personal hotspot device to use as a backup.

Take Breaks and Get Exercise

Many modern office workers wear fitness trackers that remind them to get up and move throughout the day. But just because you’re work in different places doesn’t mean that you can’t still adhere to these healthy practices.

No matter what your workplace surroundings are, try to move around for at least a few minutes every hour. A morning workout, perhaps a jog around the neighborhood or even using an exercise app on your phone, can set your day off on a more positive and less stressful note. Practicing yoga or meditation before or after your work day can also be very effective in managing daily stress.

Communicate with Your Team

There’s no need to struggle in silence with your work-related stress, and chances are that other members of your team are feeling the same way too. When you face new changes in your schedule or work locations, make sure to communicate with your boss, employees, and co-workers to express your concerns and get their perspective. Sometimes just having an outsider’s view of your situation can help put things into perspective and help you find solutions you weren’t aware of on your own.

Make a Temporary Work Space Your Own

Even if your temporary work space is only yours for a short amount of time, don’t be afraid to claim it and personalize it as your own. This could mean bringing a photo of loved ones to place on your desk or bringing your favorite stress ball in your briefcase. As long as the items you bring aren’t distracting, it can be soothing to have familiar things around to help soothe your mind and help you get into productivity mode.

Just make sure to avoid cluttering up your workspace because feelings of disorganization often lead to stress and frustration. Take a moment to organize your desk in a way that eliminates distractions and helps you focus on the task at hand.

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