Catering to the Mobile Worker: Mobile Website Subdomains

NYC Office Suites has become the first major office business center to provide clients and other visitors with a seamless mobile interface on its website, Clients and visitors using a mobile device, such as an iPhone or iPad, will be redirected to NYC Office Suites’ mobile subdomain,

Daniel J. Entwistle, President of NYC Office Suites, said, “More professionals than ever are considered mobile workers, and that number is only growing, especially among management-level US information workers. Recognizing this trend and the extreme suitability of our products, we have expanded our New York virtual office marketing efforts (and launched our virtual offices subdomain,, added inexpensive co-working options, provided wireless access in common areas, expanded our videoconferencing capabilities and entered into multiple marketing partnerships to offer virtual offices located all over the world. Our new mobile subdomain,, is part of this effort as it facilitates communication with the mobile worker.”

NYC Office Suites’ mobile subdomain is designed to have a very brief load time yet it is also functional. New clients may read about New York serviced offices, view photos of three Midtown locations and even pull up complete “zoomable” floorplans.

Mr. Entwistle continues, “The mobile subdomain is not just for new NYC office space clients. Our existing clients may jump from this site directly to our mobile-enabled client portals. After signing in for security our clients can see what Manhattan conference rooms and Midtown day offices are available on our calendar and book available meeting rooms or office space electronically on the spot.”

When there is interest in any of NYC Office Suites’ many New York City office space products, including on-demand meeting room space, on-demand day offices, virtual office discounted subscription programs and full-time walled Midtown offices, new clients may contact management with a single tap of the finger.

Mr. Entwistle adds, “At NYC Office Suites, we strive to offer accessibility, flexibility and customer service. We are pleased to apply our philosophies to cater to the mobile worker. The implementation of this mobile website office space technology is just the beginning.”

About NYC Office Suites

NYC Office Suites operates office business centers at three New York landmarks: the Graybar Building at 420 Lexington Avenue & 44th Street; the Commerce Building at 708 Third Avenue & 44th Street; and the “Love” building at 1350 Avenue of the Americas & 55th Street. Each serviced office location is equipped with full administrative support, leading edge business technology, and other amenities for a fast-paced business environment. We offer all clients scalable New York City office space as well as state-of-the-art telecommunication and Internet services, on-site concierge services and other amenities supporting business needs.

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