Owning Furniture: An Asset or Liability?

New York Office Space Furniture

The most convenient office space NYC has to offer comes with flexibility and should be located in Manhattan prime office locations. When making the decision to open a new business in New York City, there are a lot of things to consider such as overhead costs, employee and Client retention, etc. For most new business owners and entrepreneurs this is the overall cost of a start-up. In addition, commercial real estate rental properties are probably the second most expensive investment for startups after talent acquisition. Smart business owners know that cash expenditures should be thoroughly vetted and weighed during their initial launch period. Any purchase that significantly impacts your cash position or credit lines should be considered carefully.

Office Space NYC: Flexibility Without Furniture

One such expense is the outright purchase of office furniture. Unless you’re planning on buying commercial real estate or antique office furniture to outfit your business office, you will find that run-of-the-mill office furnishings can take up a lot of your free cash flow without providing a lot of real resale value. For startups, the investment in business should at least reap some type of gain, which run-of-the mill office furnishings do not provide.

Furnished Office Space Offers Small Businesses a Savings Solution
One of the best ways to solve your office furniture problem without draining your cash reserves or credit line is by setting up your new business using NYC Office Suites. This is a flexible and affordable solution for small businesses. Flexible office space gives businesses of all sizes a way to get a prestigious office space in Mid-Town Manhattan with modern and attractive furnishings included.

Flexible Office Space: Everything You Need Without the Overhead Costs

Serviced offices offer a lot of advantages for businesses that require flexible office space. They’re perfect for startup businesses because this type of office configuration significantly decreases overhead costs and mindshare from busy small business owners. Unlike renting a traditional office space with high costs, serviced NYC office suites have flexible rental contracts that include “Plug and play” telecommunication services and computer networks with high-speed Internet access, executive style furnishings, access to conference rooms, and virtually everything you need to get your business up and running quickly. There are many office configurations available, so when your business expands you have the ability to grow within the same building without needing to pay for an expensive and inconvenient move.

Virtual Office Space Available

If you’re a solo-entrepreneur that’s not quite ready for office space just yet, Virtual office space is a great way to secure a prominent address in Mid-Town Manhattan for a reasonable price. There are many options available to enhance your business image. You can get access to a respected business office address for a day to meet potential clients. If you want to keep your home and business address separate, on-location mail services are an impressive way to do it. Do you need conference space to meet with influential people? Hosted conferences give you the ability to use conference space by the hour, the day or the week to iron out all of the important details of your business deal or project.

Quick Deployment
One of the biggest advantages to using a serviced office for your business is that it’s never been easier or faster to deploy your business. As you can imagine, there’s no need for you to invest in office furnishings when you can start your business in an impressive zip code in Manhattan. The money that you save on all of the details like office furniture can be better utilized to buy more products or effective marketing tools. Not only are these better investments in your future, they increase your business revenue, which is what business is all about.

New York Office Space

Executive style New York office space is available with NYC Office Suites. Choose the package that suits your personal business needs without the hassle that a traditional NYC office lease brings. Our flexible office space solutions are customized and offer a quick turnaround time. Located in some of the most prestigious commercial addresses in NYC, our flexible office space locations are sure to project an image of expertise for potential Clientele and business partners. Click or call us today at 1-800-346-3968 to learn how we can help you.

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