Trendy Branded Office Space: Good or Bad for Your Company’s Brand Image?

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Branded office space is a rapidly expanding trend in the business world, especially for startups that need flexibility. It allows companies to avoid tying up their money in office space especially in the initial stages of their growth when capital is tight. Shared office space in New York City helps keep your business expenses down, while providing a professional space where you can meet your clients. In today’s mobile world, you can run your business from anywhere in the city, but you want to greet your clients at a polished-looking office space. You want New York office space that is conveniently located in a busy market growth area and also offers lease flexibility. The truth is that NYC office space is limited in the highly-coveted Manhattan real estate market. This has led to strong growth in branded temporary office space. You have to ask yourself are these branded workplace spaces beneficial to your company’s image?

Five Things to Consider: Branded Temporary Office Space NYC

#1: Does The Brand Matter?
Branded workplaces have names that people may recognize; for good or ill. You don’t want the branded office space to overpower your company’s brand. Ideally, you want the office environment and conduct that will mirror your company’s brand and values.

#2: Who Do You Share With?
You want co-tenants who share your vision of a professional work place. Issues such as musical taste and the décor of the common areas may seem like a minor point, but when you are sharing an office space for hours on end, these may become a distraction or hindrance to your team’s productivity.

#3 What About Your Clients?
Dose the office space reflect the businesses culture you are trying to create and the image you are trying to project? The “cool” factor that dominates the presentation of some branded office space would not be a good fit for many company cultures. Stepping into a mobile digital marketing agency should not have the same feeling as going to an appointment to meet your therapist or lawyer. Finding a more sophisticated and professional office space may make all the difference in your entrepreneurial success.

#4: How Much Will You Save?
Typically, branded office spaces and temporary office leases come with contract flexibility. This enables businesses to save on real estate overhead. NYC Office Suites allows a professional environment and office personality to adapt to your company and your budget. Whether you are looking for a virtual office set up, a New York City mailing address or a more “permanent” temporary situation, NYC Office Suites has an option for you.

#5: Time Is Saved
You save time as well as money when using shared office space to meet clients. Many New York City Office Suites come with complementary coffee and other beverages, saving you the hassle of providing these important touches of hospitality. Business necessities such as printing, scanning and copying are also available without your having to lift a finger. These one stop shop offerings for all things related to office space in NYC are a good investment for a small business intent on growing.

Office Space NYC

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