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We provide furnished, equipped, and staffed Manhattan temporary space featuring amenities and services to support your business in vibrant Midtown New York. NYC Office Suites is committed to delivering service excellence and flexible office contract terms. Our contracts carry a term length of as little as 3 months. Our flexibility allows companies to match their New York office requirements with their professional needs.

We offer many New York office space sublease configurations, including executive offices, multi-person offices, coworking, shared office space for rent, flexible workspace, team / project offices and cubicles.

Membership Benefits and Referrals

Interested in business, and business referrals, from other members of the NYC Office Suites community of hundreds of firms? Share your details and attend our many business-themed or holiday-centered events to stay up-to-date. Also, enjoy our pre-negotiated deals on products and services such as office supplies and health club memberships.

Incubator, accelerator, capital introduction, banking, consulting and other startup support services are available in a private setting. Senior management is highly experienced and ready to discuss.

Private, full-time office space pricing starts at $595/month, largely inclusive.


  • Executive-Style Furnishings
  • Plug and Play Telecommunication
  • Plug and Play High Speed Internet
  • Flexible and Cost-Effective Contract Terms
  • Many Office Configuration Options
  • Largely Inclusive Pricing (e.g. Pantry Items & Copies)
  • National and International Network of Centers
  • Client Portal and App
  • Business Community Events

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US: 1-800-346-3968
International: +1-212-297-6202

Temporary Office Space in Manhattan

Finding office space in Manhattan can be a challenge, especially if you’re looking for a temporary workspace to meet the changing needs of your business. NYC Office Suites is your trusted local expert in furnished, equipped, and staffed Manhattan office spaces that have a full range of amenities and services to help your business grow and thrive.
We understand how important flexibility is to the modern business and are willing to offer flexible contract terms that last as little as three months. Regardless of how long you need a space in New York, we are proud to deliver excellent customer service throughout the length of your stay and accommodate all of your professional needs. We’d like to point out some of the many advantages of working with us for your office space needs and using our ready-to-use Manhattan offices.

Opportunities for Growth

As companies grow, expand, and shift markets, they often need more space to accommodate additional employees, support staff, and equipment. We can help you adjust to your company’s newfound growth and capitalize upon it with a variety of customized office space sublease configurations. Choose between our attractive executive office, multi-person office, co-working space, project office, and cubicle models and get your team back to work in no time.

Financial Advantages of Temporary Office Space New York City

It’s no secret that prices for real estate in New York City are among the highest in the world. Whether you’re launching a start-up business or just trying to cut unnecessary overhead costs for your long-term passion, there are many financial incentives for using a temporary office NYC.
As a family-owned and operated company, we understand how important every dollar is to your business and want to be your partner in success in New York City. Our professional and beautiful offices provide you with everything you need, without having to pay full price for a traditional office.

Office Flexibility

Having a temporary workspace allows you to have more flexibility in your career and travel as needed for business or pleasure. If you are one of the many companies that has begun to offer alternative working arrangements for your employees, such as work-at-home days and flexible hours, temporary work spaces can be ideal for your schedule and your budget.

Hassle-Free Management

Another big perk of using one of our office spaces for your business is that you can avoid the hassles and headaches of management issues. Our offices are furnished, staffed, and technology-ready to ensure that your transition is a smooth one. This means that a full-time management and staff is onsite and available to accommodate your business needs as they arise, which allows you to devote more time to your business.

Features of Our Office Spaces

We can customize your temporary office space NYC in ways to make your team more productive and efficient. These are some of the many temporary office features that are important to our valued clients:

Is a Temporary Office Space Right for You?

There are many different reasons that companies choose to establish temporary office spaces, including cost, rapid growth, flexibility, and convenience. At NYC Office Suites, we also work with companies that wish to expand incrementally into New York City while still maintaining a presence in another geographic location.
Take a look at our sample office configurations to see which one appeals most to your work style and business industry. Whatever your company needs are, we’re here to assist you with them in Midtown New York. Contact us today at 800-346-3968 or send us a message to learn more about what short-term, flexible, and temporary office spaces can do for your business.

Sample Office Configurations

All Locations

Rockefeller Center

1270 6th Avenue (Avenue of the Americas) @ 50th Street

1270 6th Avenue @ 50th St.
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Plaza District

Plaza District 1350 6th Ave. @ 55th St.

1350 6th Ave. @ 55th St.
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Citigroup Center

Citigroup Center

601 Lexington Ave. @ 53rd St.
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Greybar Building

Graybar Building 420 Lexington Ave. @ 44th St.

420 Lexington Ave. @ 44th St.
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Midtown East

Midtown East 733 3rd Ave. @ 45th St.

733 3rd Ave. @ 45th St.
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Commerce Building

Commerce Building 708 3rd Ave. @ 44th St.

708 3rd Ave. @ 44th St.
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For more office configurations or typical service agreement information please send a message or call 1-800-346-3968.