Securing Manhattan Executive Office Space

Securing Manhattan Executive Office Space

Gaining and maintaining a presence in New York City is an aspiration for many business owners. The prestige that comes along with an address in New York City is substantial, but the value of an office space in America’s economic capital goes beyond just appearances. From a geographical standpoint, Manhattan executive office space puts you in an optimal location to hire from a highly talented and qualified group of job seekers, as well as develop business relationships with some of the nation’s most promising companies.

Whether you’re an entrepreneur starting a new venture or an established company looking to grow your business, executive office space in NYC can provide the support you need to thrive.

What an Executive Office Suite Can Do for You

Conveniently, Manhattan executive office spaces are often available fully furnished and ready for use. Furnishings can include an executive-style desk and chair, storage cabinets, lighting and a small table for group meetings. Executive office space providers in NYC may also offer access to nearby conference rooms within the building where your executive office suite is located. This allows you to work in a space that provides economy for day-to-day operations, but also flexibility when you’re hosting meetings with clients or satellite employees.

Executive Office Space in NYC Doesn’t Have to Involve Sacrifices

Amenities available in your Manhattan executive office space often include all of the considerations that you might naturally expect in a larger office environment. This includes access to high-speed internet, a live receptionist to field phone calls and receive visitors, IT support, virtual assistant service and more. And although executive office suites are built for privacy and security, they’re nonetheless suitable for supporting multiple employees – this can be achieved through the use of several desks within your office, a divider, or an open-plan that maximizes the effective use of the space.

Our Offerings

At NYC Office Suites, we specialize in executive office space solutions that deliver the ultimate in professionalism, flexibility and convenience. With four class A Manhattan locations in Midtown, we provide ready-to-use office space in the heart of the action. You’re looking to expand or establish a presence in Manhattan. Our modern, secure office suites and virtual offices allow you a fiscally viable and geographically enviable path toward these goals. We invite you to tour our galleries to see the full range of Manhattan executive office space options that we offer. To talk with a representative about your specific office space needs, call us at 1-800-346-3968 or contact us online.

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Why Share an Office?

In the business world, times are changing. What we often envision as a traditional workplace setting doesn’t necessarily adhere to the needs and desires of a 21st century enterprise. Modern offices are built on flexibility – shared office space is a classic example of a more versatile workplace setting that has been designed to reflect contemporary needs. There are many good reasons to share an office. And fortunately, many of these relate to enabling growth.

Sharing Office Space While You Grow

To understand the benefits of sharing office space, it’s important to understand exactly what a shared office space is. In a shared format, your business has its own, fully secure office space. Certain public areas of the office space – such as the lobby, kitchen and other social areas – are “shared” with other businesses. Additionally, many office servicesare shared, such as fully prebuilt space, available furniture, redundant, secure, stable and dedicated Internet access, Manhattan meeting rooms for rent and live receptionists.

This shared format allows you to provide a safe and stable environment for your employees while limiting the investment that has to be made in providing amenities.The costs for non-core elements of your office are shared with other adjacent businesses. As a result, the financial impact of these elements on your business is reduced. The result is that more of your capital can be invested where it ought to be – in growing your company.

Private But Social

When you share an office space in a class A office location, you’re be able to enjoy the privacy that comes from having dedicated office space for your company. But you also have an opportunity to network with other businesses that share common spaces with you. Sharing office space allows you to engage other business professionals in an amicable, well-appointed and neutral environment that is well-suited for the free-flow of ideas. Whether this means the development of new partnerships or simply exchanging news with those who work in a complementary industry, this potential for collaboration is unique to a shared office format.

Shared Office Space in NYC

The shared office space model is particularly desirable in NYC, a prestigious and bustling business environment where space is at a premium. By sharing an office space in NYC, you can significantly lower your overhead while still having access to private meeting rooms and being able to provide a safe and modern work environment for your employees.

At NYC Office Suites, we offer shared office space at four locations in NYC. All of these Class A office buildings are in Midtown Manhattan and outfitted with both the latest office technology and security features. Get in touch with us online today or call  1-800-346-3968 to find out more about our offerings and lease a shared office space or virtual office. For an in-depth visual tour of our office space offerings, check out our Pinterest page.

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NYC Virtual Office Space: Good for Good Business

Virtual business address and virtual answering service

An NYC virtual office can increase your revenue with a truly minimal investment.  In a virtual office format, your live receptionist handles your business affairs and helps promote your business to the world and a virtual business address in NYC shows prestige. Having a virtual answering service in NYC lends your firm a human component in a location that is synonymous with modernity and global business.  A human voice (and a smile) greets your clients instead of a recorded message.  This presence goes a long way in business relations. It says: “We care.”

In addition to the relational component that a live receptionist provides for your clients, there are also many personal benefits that come with employing a receptionist, including reduced stress and the confidence that comes with knowing that your business is running properly and being represented well.  Your live receptionist service includes personalized phone answering, call screening, and call forwarding.

Using a Virtual Answering Service in NYC

The benefits of employing a virtual answering service in NYC are not only relational – they’re also practical. A live NYC receptionist is present in the city when you are not. When you are traveling or meeting with clients, a receptionist maintains a presence for your NYC mailing address services, guests and contact details.  A live receptionist ensures your postal needs are received and maintained in a timely and secure manner, that your packages are received and not returned or lost in the mail.

Most importantly, you are made aware of your mail so that you can prioritize your work schedule. You can be clear at all times where documents are and make business decisions accordingly. Courtesy of your Manhattan virtual answering service, a live assistant maintains your NYC mailing address at a class A commercial office rental location, applies postage for you and provides weekly mail forwarding services.

The Qualities of a Great Live Receptionist

A great receptionist is someone who is looking out for you and your business needs. While technology has expanded business capabilities and expanded market reach, it would be silly to rely on computer software to look out for you. Technology should be a tool, not a substitute for business, and that’s where a virtual office and accompanying live receptionist come into play. As an integrated package with your virtual or full time NYC office and meeting room rental, your client service representative:

  • Books conference rooms
  • Attends to your meetings
  • Scans and archives document for electronic storage and executes google searches

At NYC Office Suites, our virtual office offerings and live receptionists are capable of integrating your NYC business address and Midtown Manhattan office presence.  We can provide the attention and care you and your clients need. The live receptionist is there to ensure your business operations are running smoothly. The receptionist knows you, your business and its happenings, and can thus provide up-to-date information and clear contextual instructions regarding your business handlings.  Check out NYC Office Suites’ virtual office packages at

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‘Virtually’ Prepared for the Next NYC Disaster via Cost-Effective Midtown NY Virtual Offices

Posted on May 3, 2013 by Jonathan Thistlewood

Apr. 19, 2013 – NEW YORK — New York, April 19, 2013: NYC Office Suites, New York’s leading provider of flexible Midtown temporary office space, provides customers with inexpensive and reliable virtual offices in proven-resilient Midtown New York City. When Hurricane Sandy decimated Downtown New York, and many commercial office landlords in that area provided little or no relief to their tenants, clients who had a virtual office in NYC with NYC Office Suites ( received preferential pricing for suddenly scarce fully operational turnkey Midtown offices.

NYC Office Suites has Manhattan businesses covered in the event of another flood-related emergency with its reliable Midtown office space locations.
Mr. Dan Entwistle, President of NYC Office Suites, said: “A virtual office agreement in safer locations in NYC, like ours in Grand Central and the Plaza District, provides enhanced access to emergency backup plug-and-play offices at a low monthly cost. Any business that feels it may be in a vulnerable area will consider signing a virtual agreement with us for as little as $1.50 per day in order to have a basic disaster recovery plan.”
NYC Office Suites offices are located in reliable class A location Midtown buildings near Grand Central and are equipped with professional security, backup Internet, managed phone services and trained service personnel.

NYC Office Suites offers virtual office packages to suit any business size or budget. Businesses interested in the disaster recovery aspects of the service may sign up for even the most basic virtual office plans, such as those with only a mailing address, or perhaps throw in meeting room hours or day office subscriptions for Midtown off-site meetings.

NYC Office Suites also provides term-flexible full-time office space for rent (, so its facilities already feature furniture, advanced telephone handsets, business-class high speed Internet with wireless access, fully managed firewall infrastructure, printing, scanning, package handling, lockable private offices, cleaning, pantries and many other critical business amenities.

Mr. Entwistle concludes: “Signing Midtown virtual or term-flexible office contracts is the responsible thing to do if a business otherwise chooses to office in NYC’s more flood-prone, vulnerable areas (Downtown through Midtown South). For sure, many of our Hurricane Sandy clients have a new appreciation for Midtown and flexible leasing in general.”

Virtual Office Configurations Make Midtown NYC Office Prestige Accessible

NYC Office Suites is again proving that a business does not need a large budget to access prestigious Class A location, furnished and turnkey New York City office space. On its newly-expanded virtual offices website (, NYC Office Suites now details three simple low-cost subscription options.

Daniel J. Entwistle, President of NYC Office Suites, said, “while the value of the virtual office subscription program is in its essentially limitless flexibility, we have found it helpful to focus our clients on the possibilities by designing three simple example packages. These options do reflect some of our clients’ more commonly desired features.”

At a $90 per month price point, the New York virtual office user receives: Class A business address; lobby listing; and access to an impressive range of al-la-carte discounted products and services. This valuable access includes: fully-equipped day offices; fully-equipped meeting rooms; trained receptionists and other support staff; kitchen and lounge; on-site wireless access; and copiers and scanners.

At a $290 per month price point, the New York office space user receives everything in the package above, plus: NYC telephone number; personalized phone answering; call forwarding; one day of private office use per month; and one hour of conference room use per month.

At a $490 per month price point, the NYC office user receives everything in the package above plus five days of private office use per month.

Mr. Entwistle adds, “be sure to contact the NYC virtual office sales team to modify, add or alter specific features to accommodate your unique office space needs at one of our prestigious Manhattan locations.”

NYC Office Suites operates office business centers, otherwise known as executive suites, at three New York landmarks: the Graybar Building at 420 Lexington Avenue; the Commerce Building at 708 Third Avenue; and 1350 Avenue of the Americas. Each office suite is equipped with leading edge business technologies and other amenities needed to function in a fast-paced environment. For more information regarding New York office space and New York meeting rooms, visit NYC Office Suites’ website at For more information regarding New York virtual offices, visit

About NYC Office Suites
Founded in 1988 by Jean and John Entwistle, NYC Office Suites’ focus was to provide turn-key, executive offices with flexible contract terms and customer service excellence. The first location for the company was established in the Graybar Building at Grand Central Terminal offering services for office space rental. In 2000, Daniel J. Entwistle joined the organization as President. Daniel Entwistle identified new opportunities to meet the growing demand of businesses and began the company’s rapid expansion both at the Graybar Building and in a nearby location at 708 Third Avenue. This strategic move resulted in making NYC Office Suites the largest provider of turn-key, executive office suites in the Grand Central District. In 2009, NYC Office Suites acquired 75,000 square feet at 1350 Avenue of the Americas and expanded operations into the prestigious Plaza District. The Plaza District location is the single largest executive office business center facility in New York City.

Contact Details:
(800) 346-3968

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Flexible and Virtual Offices for Smaller Budgets

NYC Office Suites Announces the Expansion of its Product Line to Include a Revolutionary and Affordable Fractional Serviced Office Product, the Virtual Office

NYC Office Suites, a leader in New York City flexible office leasing, announced the expansion of its product line to include a revolutionary, convenient and extremely cost-effective fractional serviced office product, the virtual office.

The serviced office product, first conceived in the 1980s, obviated the need to negotiate long lease terms, purchase furnishings and equipment, and hire office staff.

Daniel J. Entwistle, President of NYC Office Suites, said, “since 1988, we’ve been providing flexible, ready-to-use, furnished office space allowing companies, teams, groups or individuals to establish themselves in a very short time without the headaches or costs associated with building out space and signing a traditional lease.  We have built our franchise, by providing decades of exceptional customer service, to include nearly 500 fully serviced private offices and team rooms at our three marquee addresses.”

NYC Office Suites operates business centers at three New York landmarks: the Graybar Building at 420 Lexington Avenue; the Commerce Building at 708 Third Avenue; and 1350 Avenue of the Americas.  Each office suite is equipped with leading edge business technology and other amenities needed to function in a fast-paced environment.

Mr. Entwistle continued, “having thrived in the business for so long, we know what an economic recovery looks like.  Unfortunately, all of the signals we see remain mixed.  Despite some signs of a recovery in the New York City commercial real estate market, times remain tough for our traditional customer base.  That is why we are proud to offer an affordable alternative to not only the risky traditional lease and sublease, but also to the flexible office arrangement.  That alternative is called the virtual office.”

The virtual office product is customized according to the client’s specific needs.  Under a typical arrangement, the client is provided a menu which includes many choices including:

  • A professional mailing address
  • Mail forwarding
  • Telephone line and voice mailbox
  • Personalized phone answering
  • Personalized call screening
  • Call patching and auto forwarding
  • Lobby listing
  • Day offices (per month)
  • Meeting rooms (per hour per month)

In its most basic form, a virtual office package is available for $1.50 per day.  Clients may rent a fully furnished office inclusive of phones and Internet access for as little as $45 per day. Such a monetary sum is minimal compared to the value of added credibility, and certainly compared to the commitment of a traditional lease.

“Thanks to advances in business technology and our innovative fractional offering, even small concerns will be able to afford a quality workspace for as little as $1.50 a day.  We can provide an extremely compelling value, even when arrayed against such options as one’s apartment and the local Starbucks!  We know that with the right platform, our platform, our new virtual office clients will grow effortlessly, and we’ll grow right along with them” added Mr. Entwistle.

Contact Details:
(800) 346-3968

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