The Impressive Benefits of a Professional Virtual Office for Solopreneurs

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Solopreneurs have a certain reputation for being resourceful and making the most of their innovative ideas to succeed. These are the hardworking individuals often set up with laptops at their local coffee shops to put in long hours and grow their businesses from the ground up.

But if your business is growing fast, connecting with new clients, and working to establish long-term partnerships, it may be time for an upgrade. Here are some ways that investing in virtual office features, such as a prominent business address and phone number, can take “solopreneurs” to the next level.

Perks of a Virtual Business Address

Where you’re from and where you do business communicates a very specific message to your clients. If you are working out of your home basement or high-rise apartment, this could signal to your clients that your business hasn’t yet achieved a professional status and isn’t ready for a big investment. With a virtual business address, you can provide your clients with a real and impressive business location and even ensure that staff is available to sign for packages and deliveries.

Professional Phone Service with a Local Number

There are also benefits to having a professional phone service to answer incoming calls. While many solopreneurs get in the habit of answering the phone themselves, this does not project the same level of professionalism as having a receptionist screen the calls first. Virtual office staff can answer calls, take messages, and redirect calls as necessary. Also, having a local phone number gives your clients a better sense of where you are located and reinforces the notion that you are invested in the community.

Flexible Workspace Packages

Another benefit to having a virtual office New York is that you can schedule in-person meetings or conferences on an as-needed basis. At times, “solopreneurs” need to meet with prospective clients or hire staff, and a virtual office can provide a professional setting for these purposes.

Whether you need a couple desks for the day or a meeting room to present to a few dozen people, having a virtual office is a great way to grow your business. Virtual offices can provide audio-visual equipment, copy machines, and even meal catering services in a way that no home living room or coffee shop ever could. While onsite, you may even be able to take advantage of valuable networking opportunities with other professionals in the building.

The Importance of Brand Identity and Presentation

Even in today’s highly digitized world, there is still a very important place for brand identity and professional presentation. As more virtual companies enter the global market, it is increasingly difficult to stand out among the crowd and get noticed in a significant way. Brand recognition is everything in today’s busy marketplace, and a New York City presence can give you the edge you need without sacrificing your freedom or budget.

With a virtual office presence, “solopreneurs” can project the image they want without spending a fortune. For a fraction of the cost of renting out full-time office space in New York City, passionate “solopreneurs” and start-up companies can get a leg up on the competition and elicit a stronger feeling of confidence.

Virtual Office New York

NYC Office Suites is the premier provider of virtual office New York services that help “solopreneurs” elevate their professionalism and grow their businesses. With rates starting as long as $49 per month, you can secure a high-profile mailing address, a lobby listing, mail collection, secure mail storage, and mail forwarding for your New York City business location. We can also help you obtain easy access to voicemail, call patching, call forwarding, live receptionists, virtual assistants, Manhattan-based support staff, and call out capabilities via technology portal for your New York City voice presence.

Please contact us with any questions you may have about setting up your NYC virtual office, and we’ll be happy to walk you through the options and process.


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